for a sustainable future

For years, Eurovo has followed the path of environmental sustainability. The principles of sustainable development seek to strike a balance between ecology, economy and quality: therefore a process is sustainable when it exploits natural resources at a rate which gives these resources time to regenerate themselves. At present, humanity is not on the path of sustainability: in other words, it is consuming natural resources faster than the planet can replace them. If this process continues, future generations may not have the resources they need to satisfy their own requirements.

To help ensure a future of wellbeing and development for coming generations, Eurovo is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its own facilities:
  • by reducing consumption of finite energy sources;
  • by limiting emissions of greenhouse gases and by harnessing the energy potential of biomass;
  • by using new, low-energy technologies and non-polluting energy sources;
  • by improving efficiency in the distribution of water;
  • and by correctly disposing of waste via recycling and sorting.

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