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1950: Rainieri Lionello opens his first business.

1965: Lionello buys his first egg shelling machine.

1970: the company opens its first industrial plant in Santa Maria in Fabriago (RA).

1980: the company opens a factory in Occhiobello (RO) and its first hen feed production plant.

1992: the company opens a new packaging plant in Mordano (BO).

1993: acquisition of Gandolfi Spa.

1998: acquisition of Ovonor sas (France).

1998: new packaging centre in Mordano.

2001: acquisition of Liot (France).

2002: acquisition of Maia and first organic farm in Pieve di Soligo.

2003: creation of Eurotrasporti (a wholly-owned transport subsidiary).

2004: opening of the Taglio di Po plant.

2004: opening of the Maia Polska plant (Poland).

2006: opening of the Laghetti barn farming plant.

2007: opening of the Rondanina organic plant.

2009: Eurovo buys the barn-laying facility in Ostellato (FE).

2010: opening of the San Paolo organic plant.

2010: opening of the Codigoro barn farming plant.

2011: opening of the Santa Sofia plant.

2011: opening of the "Eps" plant.

2012: acquisition of Coccovo plant.

2012: acquisition of Naturovo plant.

2014: opening of the Colle Umberto (TV) plant.

2014: opening of the Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) barn farming plant.


our history

Every story begins with an idea, and the determination to turn the idea into reality.
The story of Eurovo begins with the adventure of Rainieri Lionello.       

Rainieri Lionello was an entrepreneur from the Veneto region who in the mid-20th century decided to open an egg processing business. The venture began as a small factory in Codevigo in the province of Padua, run by Rainieri and his wife Anita, where the eggs were manually shelled and the contents deposited in special vats before being frozen. These early egg products were directed at the bakery and pasta-making sectors. In 1965, Rainieri Lionello bought his first shelling machine. It was the first step in a trajectory of continuous growth and laid the foundations for the birth of a company that is now one of Europe's leading producers of eggs and egg products.



In the 1970s Eurovo opened its first industrial-scale plant in Santa Maria in Fabriago, near Lugo, in the province of Emilia Romagna, using locally-sourced eggs. In 1986 Eurovo opened its first hen feed production plant in Occhiobello (Rovigo). Eurovo continued to expand in the 1990s with the opening of another factory in Mordano (near Imola) and other plants as the result of a number of acquisitions.


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